Optika Vitrum
OPTIKA VITRUM fits eyeglasses with the best quality lenses. For every single customer an individual optimal type of lenses is selected, taking into account the customer’s needs and requirements. The orders of lenses from the most distinguished optical companies include individual parameters specific for every customer so that after being fitted into the frames they provide the best possible vision in all conditions, at the same time being as thin as possible even in case of high dioptres.

Our professionalism and long years of experience guarantee our customers the highest standard in producing all types of eyeglasses, especially in case of assembling eyeglasses of high dioptres, progressive eyeglasses, computer eyeglasses, dioptre sunglasses and eyeglasses for sports.

Progressive eyeglasses are usually meant for people over forty years of age. They provide clear vision at all distances. The first progressive lenses were made in 1959 and have developed since then so that more than 300 million people today enjoy their benefits. Until now, Optika Vitrum has produced several thousands of pairs of progressive eyeglasses and this is an experience that qualifies Optika Vitrum to guarantee each customer satisfaction and fast adjustment to wearing glasses.

Working with computers sets high requirements on our vision which often results in problems with vision in looking at the monitor (Asthenopia)

Since recently the new diagnosis is: Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) There are several reasons which result in the problems while working on a computer which a professional person has to identify accurately and has to correct by proper type of eyewear. Optika Vitrum has been following for many years with great care the ergonomics of looking at the monitor and has been producing special eyeglasses for computer work for thousands of satisfied customers.
The majority of people suffer from eye problems in strong sunlight, and sunglasses have become an indispensible part of styling of modern people. The users of corrective glasses also have the need to protect their eyes in a high quality manner against the exposure to strong sunlight and UV light.
Many among us spend a lot of time driving. The traffic is getting heavier every day and the speeds are increasing so that even the best of visions is hardly sufficient for safe driving. The eyeglasses for usual everyday use are sometimes not adjusted to extreme visibility conditions on the road (night, fog, low glaring sunlight in the direction of driving, snow and sun, wet road and sun, etc.). Optika Vitrum assembles eyeglasses that will satisfy the specific needs and requirements of the customers. Our specialty are eyeglasses with polarized eyeglass lenses which make the driving in sunlight comfortable and safe. For frequent night drivers we make eyeglasses specially intended for the conditions of poor night visibility.

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